Living matters is the company thanks to which I hope to spread and develop my work and methodologies. If you want to buy prints or drawings from me, assign me with an illustration work or a research question, if you are curious what innovations my pro-active presence and engagement could trigger within your company/organisation, or if you would like me to come for a workshop, a lecture, a food experience… But also simply if there is anything you would like to discuss with me, collaborate on, or have a question about : Please contact me!


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Here are some of the strategies I developped in my past residences, in particular in social company Ergon. I call this methodology immersive design research. Together with the use of food, they help me trigger relations and start co-creation processes with the people inhabiting the context of my residence. They ensure a relevant and self-sustainable result, since the project becomes theirs.

Strategy of the Newcomer:

I am the one who does not know yet, is not used to, is not in a routine : I look at the work with fresh, enthusiastic eyes. My strenght is to be honestly interested into the employees and their jobs, in a ingenious way. I ask a lot of questions which allow employees to reflect on their onw practice. Since I do not really belong, I become the link who can understand and therefore communicate to both workers and the outsiders.

strategy of the newcomer
Strategy of working together and of talking while doing so:

What a better way of getting to know someone than doing some action together? I like to be a co-worker rather than an observer. It allows me to be closer to my "colleagues" and get their sympathy. Teaching me how to work better also give them a momentary higher position. I can be surprised, tired, amazed... and by communicating those feelings, help the employees looking at their work with another view. Working instead of only watching obviously gives me much more knowledge on the work itself, understanding it not only from the mind but also from the body. But mostly, working together with other people allows me to talk-while-working: it is a privileged moment to build one-to-one relationship and access more personal knowledge. Creating informal conversations.

strategy of co-working...

and strategy of talking while working
Strategy of Being Helped:

Showing, showing the current state of my research and talking about my struggle points or interrogation, asking for their opinion or advice. Experiencing people's work but also offering them to try out mine... So that they give the projects its directions. So that it truly comes from their reality. So that they become co-authors and get the pride.

strategy of being helped

Partners, programs, collectifs that I worked with.