I have been invited to a wedding. What a unique occasion! I thought. Actually it appears there are far most weddings here than in Europe (since : 1) almost everybody get married between 20 and 25 years-old, 2) the population is young, and 3) everybody knows everyone here) so I will probably see more of them. But a very complete first experience :)

I woke up at 6 in order to get dressed... So I was invited inside the house, there were a lot of things going on, babies were watching english TV program for kids. But I also got made-up like crazy! False eyelashes...everything. I became Barbie-Cecile.


pro in action


traditional top and batik dress. Note the not at all classy shoes, Indonesian people don;t seem to care about it ;)

Ceremony starts with dansers inviting the groom in. I am not sure about the first one, something to do with representation of a proud pickcock. The second and third ones represents an old couple giving advices on how to behave. The old lady is actually a man.

The dansers brings the groom to the bride's family. He receive a flower necklace and is follow by his family carrying presents.

presents from the man's family. They range from fashion to food and practical things. Also some are wrapped in shape of animal, I have no idea what is inside. And there is one present missing : a brand new car!

After the groom came in, some talking happens. then the bride comes in also. They sit and go throught civil and religious act of wedding, which takes some time. Then people from the families throw rice and quie some money that children pick up.

big event, big cooking. And there is more outside.

Then people start eating and singers comes in. But the bride and groom still goes though funny traditions :

The have to feed each other : rice balls, tea and meat. Unfortunately these ones cheated and faked it.

Breaking a cooked chicken

The broken ceramics part is the left-overs of a jar, containing a broken egg that symbolises the virginity. So the man breaks the egg with his foot, while the woman hold the foot and wash it. Then they put it in a jar, turn the jar and let it fall and break on the ground

Just for the atmosphere. And don't be jealous of the food, it made me sick for 2 days!