This is the development of my graduation project « Avant-Gardeners », in which I became the first « designer in residence » of Ergon, working in close collaboration with the green-workers in Gestel and Tongelre.
In this second step I imagined 7 communication tools to bring together the residents of Eindhoven and their local green-workers. By doing so, I hope to change the image that the green-workers of Ergon carry, but also to help citizens enjoy their green environment better and to give them the opportunity to participate in the choice-making regarding greenery in Eindhoven. Those 7 concepts I developed as prototypes, for Ergon and the Municipality to adapt to their need and implement in the city. I made 7 manuals that explains the concepts and gives directions for their implementation.
his second step of Avant-Gardener was made possible by the Municipality of Eindhoven via the Social Design Talent award that I received in 2019, and by Ergon. I would like to thank them both.

More explainaition and brief description of the projects

General introduction

change of uniform

communicative cars

We are coming notes

seasonal newspaper

personalizing the buiten beter app

These concepts are addressed to Ergon and the municipality of Eindhoven, but they can apply to any other green-workers in the Netherlands. Here you can download the pdf of the manuals, but remember that they are my work. If you are interested by some of the concepts of presented here, please contact me!

White eindhoven

Hidden values workshop