From end of March to end of July 2018, I had the luck to be in Jatiwangi art Factory, a collectif or artists in West-Java, Indonesia. They reflect on the changes happening in their rural area due to globalisation, and question what it is they want to preserve as their identity. They practice an art in action, an art that is politics in a positive way, in close collaboration with villagers and stake-holders. I was curious how they managed to create a community, how they interact with each-other and how they carry their values. I wanted learn from them, how to develop a social practice and be implicated in my surroundings. I also wanted to research generosity and help : can it be more than a moral incentive? Can it be a tool to improve oneself and make our way on Earth? My experience has been very rich, completely different from what I expected, but somehow it did reply to those questions and left a deep impression on me. You can read about my findings in the publication on the right. Below you can also have a look at the newsletters I sent to my parents, friends and teacher during my stay there. And further below is a unfinished blog that I did over there.